Hell road to Homelessness

In June 2006 my ex- domestic partner (father of my children) and I took out a loan from a local small town Bank  for $64,000. The price of the home was double that. We paid half up front and took out a loan for second half.

April 2007, I had My ex removed from the home by the Lake County Deputy Sheriff’s Department because of domestic abuse. At that time arestraining order for 12 months was placed on my ex. The judge ordered the ex to pay child support, the electric and the house payment.

However, he did not pay anything. Including the house payment. Except five payments to electric company when the restraining order was done. I was not aware nothing was being paid because no bank statement was ever sent to me, NEVER. The only thing I received in the mail was a certified letter dated August 26, 2008. This letter was a Notice of Default-Foreclosure. The nature of the default was failure to make payments June, July and August 2008 for the default total of $1001.16. It stated that the default must be paid by Sept. 29, 2008. I paid them $563.64 on Aug 29, 2008 immediately when I received the paperwork and $470.00 on Sept 8, 2008 for a total of $1033.12. I paid this to stop the foreclosure of the In June 2006 my ex- domestic partner (father of my children) and I took out a loan from a local small town Bank  for $64,000. The price of the home was double that. We paid half and took out a loan for second half.

September 2008, I had arranged a meeting with the loan officer who handled our loan. I asked her what I could do to to stop the foreclosure of my home. She stated at this time that my name was NOT on the loan and she could not discuss any information about another person’s loan with me, nor work with me on this issue. For this very reason I did not make payments on the loan because I was told I could not do anything.

There was nothing I could do because according to the bank my hands were tied trying to resolve the issue without my name on the mortgage, to keep my home and for the bank to get their payments, I then had to contact a lawyer to bring this issue of contempt into court. Lake County Child Support had told me that issues of contempt go to the back of the line and it would be “awhile” before my case would be heard. I did not want to lose the home and I was hoping for him to make up his required payments on the home loan. In the end this lawyer cost me $3000.00 I DID NOT have raising three children, with single a income and working as a server. If I knew my name was on this loan I would have been responsible and made payments without any problems at all.

Still after 2 yrs the ex refused to pay the house payment as court ordered. Once again on July 15, 2009, I was served with papers from the bank that the house was in foreclosure and the sale of my property would be September 17, 2009 in the amount of $67,744.45. The letter also stated that NO action has been instituted to recover the debt when I was there a year before and told that it was not in my name. Also, it plainly states that both the ex and I were mortgagors. Also, on the cover letter from the bank it shows that everything was mailed to the ex’s address. Not to mine. bank was completely aware that we were not living together and I was residing at the property, NOT the ex.  I also assumed at this time that the only reason I was receiving foreclosure letters was because my name was only on the title of the property. Still, after all this time I was never sent any statements prior to this on the loan defaulting.

In the beginning of August 2009 I made another appointment and attempt to save my home from foreclosure. I met with the loan officer once again. I begged and pleaded with her to please work with me so I could save my home. She stated once more that the loan was NOT in my name. I told her that something had to be done because I would not lose my home and become homeless. I would do anything I can to stop it. We then began to discuss me taking out a loan with them to pay off the foreclosing mortgage as the only way for me to save the property. Yet, I would be paying off someone else’s loan and also having to buy him out in the sum of about $30,000 for the remaining equity of the home. It was alot of money to come up with. The loan officer at this time stated that she would speak to the Vice President Lending/HR.

After speaking with Vice President Lending/HR, the loan officer contacted me again. I went in to meet with both of them at the bank. At this time I was told that I must pay $1000.00, then $300.00 a month later, two weeks after that I was to resume payments of $750.00 for three months and then $600.00 a month after that. I was told that these payment amounts would cover the interest that had built on the mortgage. I paid the payments they told me to pay. I was told they could not disclose any information and the loan was not in my name but now they agreed to accept payments from me.

So many people have a permanent belief on what homeless people are and who they are. Until I was faced with the situation myself, only then did I learn to study it. The USA has changed and it is time we take a whole different look at it with open eyes. There are more empty houses in United States of America than homeless people, yet the houses remain empty while the people remain on the street.

To be continued…………….

Homelessness is not what we have all been brainwashed into believing. Today it is a whole new situation that is continually growing and nothing is being done about our economy, allowing big corporations to move out of the country, banks operating out of control and lack of knowledge.

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Natalie Newman XOXO

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