New Moon Aquarius Jan 24, 2020

It is time to deal with your emotions. This new moon is going to bring fast changes into our life. It will make us fill up with more emotions than usual. This moon will ask us to take a look at how we feel about many things in our life.

We like to ignore or push away emotions, which does not make them go away. They sit there waiting for us to face them. This new moon will set the tone for 2020 by forcing us to look at these emotions. Until we face them, we cannot begin to heal from the suffering these emotions have caused us. Keep your heart open. When you face negative energy from others send them loving positive energy because that is what they need the most. You have the power of love within you. Use it to not only heal yourself, but those struggling within who puts off the negative behaviors and energy towards us. Learn when to walk away and when to stay.

Open your heart, rise up in your power and feel secure about your intuition. This world is suffering enough. It doesn’t need your negative bullshit added to it. Be the light, be the love and be the healing you need for yourself and for the world. Be your own damn hero.

Copyright © 2020 by Natalie Newman All rights reserved

Thank you so much for reading. Much love and light to you!

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