What This Full Moon Jan 10th Means for You by Your Sign!

This full moon is about shedding the past and letting go of what no longer is good for your soul.
This full moon and lunar eclipse are going to bring huge change over the next two weeks of your life. Emotions will be released that you have shoved deep within yourself. Emotional conversations and situations will occur. This impact will affect every human on this planet. Humans will be drowning in emotions and impulsive decisions could result.

The moon will force you to look at relationships, including the one with yourself, money, and what you value. Get rid of the shit holding you back or work to transform the situation. The power is in your hands if you choose to do the work. LET GO OF THAT SHIT!!!


This will be extremely emotional for you. Being vulnerable gives you strength and this full moon and the weeks to follow it will surface. This moon will help you to see clearly what you need and what emotions you are hiding. Let that shit out. Release the past!

This full moon will make you tune into your feelings. Best for you to get a notebook and start writing your emotions out. Writing helps us to work out our own problems. Think about what you want subconciously with what you need emotionally and how you can motivate yourself. Writing your words out will help you to identify that.

This full moon you need to pay attention to your physical health. The way you live your life is probably causing some sort of illness. Working too much, avoiding emotions and shitty food is going to hurt you eventually. Slow down and take a look at your habits. Time to create some balance within yourself.

This moon is a good time to look at your partnerships. Don’t let the comfort of security and stability leave you restricted. This moon will help you find a balance in your relationships by kindly dealing with the people you care about.

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It is normal for you to be shedding layers of yourself. However, this full moon is going to push your buttons in relation to intimacy, vulnerability, and what is disappointing you. Seek deep within and face what you don’t want to look at especially what you are ashamed of and what you are afraid of. Let that shit go for good

Chances are you are suffering from beliefs of not being good enough that stem from childhood. Face these issues so you can finally build a solid foundation in your life to attract better situations for yourself. Its a good time to go deep within and look at your beliefs about yourself so you can achieve the type of relationships you deserve and want.

This full moon you mean business. You want it all, success, recognition and good relationships. You are so responsible and focused these coming two weeks you will make some great decisions to support your goals.


This full moon kicks in your creativity and energy. You will want to get started with new things. Which will push you into coming up with more energy and creativity. FInd what you are good at, what you love to do and go do that.

This full moon will make you lethargic. Your energies will be low because subconsciously you are purging your spirit. You are taking a look at your relationships and decide whether they are good for your soul anymore and deserve your energy anymore. Speak your mind and let it all go.

This full moon is in your sign. So naturally it is going to trigger huge change of letting go of old habits that do not work for you anymore. This full moon is pushing you to be more vulnerable and intimate in your relationships helping you to dig deeper into know yourself. Let go of what isn’t serving you anymore especially concerning relationships.

This moon will help you to manifest more money this week. It is a good time to invest in something or a partnership with someone to make more money. So get to work and make that money honey. Its out there waiting for you.

This full moon has a lot of things bouncing around your mind. It is what you need to create new ideas and focus on better thoughts. This moon is very positive for you. It is a good time for work and signing contracts for you. Use this positive energy for your greater good.

Thank you so much for reading. Please like and share! Much love and light to you!

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